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The Wild Kratts Kids is an international group of young children that are affiliated with the Wild Kratts crew. The group acts as the crew's "eyes and ears around the world," with the Wild Kratts maintaining contact with them in case of a 'creature alert' or 'emergency'.

Function and Organization

Wild Kratts Kids is a global organization comprised of hundreds of young children, stretching across all seven continents (with the exception of Antarctica). As such, it is divided into several units known as "teams":

Wild Kratts Team North America

Wild Kratts Team Central America

Wild Kratts Team Europe

Wild Kratts Team Africa

Wild Kratts Team Asia

Wild Kratts Team Australia


  • Members of the group regularly receive a Creature Pod as a means of maintaining contact with each other as well as being able to contact the Wild Kratts crew in case of an emergency.
  • The North America team have the most known members out of all the Wild Kratts Kids groups.