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Where the Bison Roam” is the tenth episode of the third season of Wild Kratts, originally airing on PBS Kids on April 8, 2014.[1] Overall, it is the 76th episode of the series. The episode was written and directed by Chris Kratt.

In this episode, Jimmy takes the Wild Kratts team to a big patch of prairie, but after he removes the teleporter’s Activation Ring to clean it up, he trips, and the Ring falls into a herd of bison. As the Wild Kratts team works to find a way to get the Ring back, they learn about the relationship between bison and the prairie and even compare the present prairie with the prairie during the time of nineteenth-century American explorers Lewis and Clark.


The episode begins with a live-action segment. The Kratt brothers find a heard of American bison in the prairies. Afterward, they ask their “What if?” question, and the show transitions into the cartoon segment.

The Kratt brothers are traveling by Buzz Bike through a field of corn, when they crash onto a Tortuga’s leg. Aviva and Koki try to wake them up, but they start sleeping and dreaming about being nineteenth-century American explorers Lewis and Clark. To get a closer look at the nearby bison, they activate their Peregrine Falcon Creature Power Suits, but realize that the real Lewis and Clark did not have such technology, and fall in their dreams. They wake up, and after that, Jimmy shows everyone a large patch of prairie inhabited by a herd of bison. Jimmy tries to teleport the Kratt brothers some binoculars, but the teleporter “is on the fritz”. He opens it up and pulls out a critical component called the Activation Ring, which he plans to clean, but when he tries to deliver the binoculars by hand, he trips, and the Ring falls into the herd. He immediately lands the Tortuga and runs into the herd of bison to grab it. He finds it on a male bison’s horn and tries taking it, but it charges at him, and he rolls back to the Tortuga. Due to the bison’s attitude, Martin names it Raging Bull.

Chris and Martin walk through the grass after activating their Grass Creature Power Suits. They find Raging Bull after dodging some bison mouths mowing down the grass, but they have to dodge his mouth as well, and they enter a hole in the ground. The Kratt brothers deactivate their Creature Power Suits and ride outside with the help of a prairie dog. Chris climbs up Raging Bull’s tail, and he grabs some tail hair and throws it down to Martin, who heads back to the Tortuga. Chris slides down to the horns where the Activation Ring is. He tries pushing the ring off, but it is much too heavy for his size, so he decides to do some reading.

Chris falls asleep and starts dreaming about him and his brother being Lewis and Clark again. The two see how defensive the bison are when Chris gets woken up by a dust bathing Raging Bull. Aviva finishes the Bison Discs, and Martin activates his Creature Power Suit. Martin enters the herd and finds Raging Bull. Raging Bull challenges Martin to a head-butting contest. Luckily for Martin, Raging Bull goes easy on him, allowing Martin to lift the Activation Ring and Chris off of his horn. Martin and Chris then exit the fight and run back to the Tortuga. Jimmy cleans the Ring and places it back in the teleporter, and the Wild Kratts admire the prairie and the bison that inhabit it while simultaneously teleporting the bison a grass cake.

The show transitions into the concluding live action segment. The Kratt brothers spend more time with the herd of bison on the prairie. Afterward, they conclude the episode by saying “Keep on creature adventuring; we’ll see you on the creature trail!”



LA Where the Bison Roam

Live action: Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt are watching a herd of bisons from their all-terrain vehicle.



Live Action

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Key facts and Creature Moments

  • Bison are a keystone species, which means that they play a major role in the ecosystem they inhabit.
  • Prairies are characterized by a lack of rain, a lack of trees, and constant grazing by animals like bison.


  • There are some references to the episodes Kickin' It With the Roos and Neck and Neck, because these episodes involve the creatures that Chris and Martin had to fight to get an important item back.
    • Chris VS. Big Red the Kangaroo
    • Martin VS. Necktie the Giraffe


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