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"The Fourth Bald Eagle" is the sixteenth episode of Season Five of the PBS Kids show Wild Kratts. It is the one hundred thirty-eighth episode of the series overall.


The Kratt brothers set out to experience the life of the Bald eagle. Beginning as unhatched eggs in a nest, Martin and Chris grow with their eaglet sister, but when Gourmand is on the hunt for bald eagle eggs, and one of their nest siblings mysteriously disappears, the gang must also solve the mystery of what happened to the Fourth Bald eagle.





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  • Throughout the animated segment, Chris and Martin are seen with Bald Eagle Power the entire time.
  • This is the first episode where Chris and Martin use a creature power for the whole entire animated segment without deactivating.
  • This is the first time Gourmand has deliberately called a Wild Kratts member a different name than their usual name other than Martin's or Chris's name. In this case, he calls Aviva "avocado", which combines her first and last name.

Key Facts and Creature Moments


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