"The Erminator" is the seventeenth episode of Season Five of the PBS Kids show Wild Kratts. It is the one hundred thirty-nine episode of the series overall.


Martin and Chris try to prove to the gang that chickadees are winter surviving birds. So they set out to follow them through the forest to find out their behaviors and creature powers so Aviva can make them a Chickadee Power Suit. But along the way, Martin gets distracted by an Ermine and they accidentally split up from each other.




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Key Facts and Creature Moments


  • When using similar Creature Powers for basis to make an entirely new Creature Power Disc, Aviva has to Cross-Expunge-Delete to eliminate the residual activation codes.
  • Erminator, the Ermine, jumped onto the back of a large Pileated Woodpecker to try to attack it as it flies away with him still on it's back. This is a reference to the famous Weasel & the Woodpecker photo - a lucky photo of a least weasel on the back of a northern green woodpecker as it flies away.
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