Wild Kratts is a show about the 2 Kratt brothers and their crew of creature adventurers.There's one named Koki,she is africian american and is the computer girl of the group. Aviva,the creater of the Bros' creature power suits which lets them turn into any animal by pushing the activation button and having a sample of DNA on hand. There's also Jimmy Z who sits around eating pizza,but is a expert video game player and the teleporting master. Martin the oldest Kratt brother is always wears blue and is the joking, more impulsive, playful and disorganized bro of the two. Chis Kratt, the younger of the two, wears green and is more serious, methodical and tends to like having a plan, although he can be as playful and childish as his older brother. The two always go on adventures and find the coolest of animals.There are some villians along the way but the Kratts always make it through in their adventures! Next time you watch PBS kids on weekdays be sure to watch Wild Kratts at 5:00 on WXEL TV 42! Icegirl2 11:15, May 17, 2012 (UTC)