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Season Four is the fourth season of PBS Kids' Wild Kratts. It was first announced on October 8, 2014. It consists of 24 episodes, originally ran from July 29, 2015, to April 14, 2017. It officially began with the episode "Liturgusa Krattorum" and ended with the episode "Creatures of the Deep Sea."


Wild Kratts centers on the Kratt brothers, Chris Kratt (Chris Kratt) and Martin Kratt (Martin Kratt), who travel around the world to learn all about the animals that inhabit it. Accompanying them on their adventures are fellow teammates Aviva Corcovado (Athena Karkanis), an inventor; Koki (Heather Bambrick), a computer expert and mechanic; and Jimmy Z (Jonathan Malen), an assistant and pilot of the Tortuga HQ, a turtle-shaped aircraft that serves as the their mobile headquarters. Together, they are known as the Wild Kratts.

While traveling around the world to learn all about the animals that inhabit it, the Wild Kratts perform "creature rescues," in which they save the animals from various dilemmas, which include getting caught with one of the show's recurring villains, who include rival inventor Zach Varmitech (Zachary Bennett), fashion designer Donita Donata (Eva Almos) and her henchman, Dabio (Cory Doran), Chef Gourmand (Zachary Bennett), as well as Paisley Paver (Julie Lemieux) and her henchman, Rex (Cory Doran); rebuilding habitats; or if they are young, reuniting them with their families. The Wild Kratts also occasionally enlist children called "Wild Kratts kids," who help the Wild Kratts from their homes however they can.

The Wild Kratts use futuristic and science fiction-like equipment on their adventures. The most prominent are the Creature Power Suits, vests created by Aviva that allow a user to materialize a suit (called a Creature Power Suit or simply a Creature Power) that has a certain creature's characteristics and abilities, and sometimes its behavior. To materialize, or activate, a suit, a disc (called a Creature Power Disc) with preprogrammed features and an actual DNA sample from the corresponding creature are needed.


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93 1 "Liturgusa Krattorum" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt January 16, 2017 TBA
While in the Amazon rainforest, the Wild Kratts are overjoyed when they learn about Liturgusa krattorum, a recently-discovered species of praying mantis named in honor of the Kratt brothers. The Wild Kratts then head out to learn more about this praying mantis, which is endemic to the Amazon. However, Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Gourmand also learn of L. krattorum. Incensed that a species was named after the Kratt brothers and not after one of them, the villains plot to work together to capture L. krattorum for use in their own traditional schemes.
94 2 "Panda Power Up!" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt July 19, 2016 TBA
Aviva is in high spirits after finding out that she and her teammates are heading to China to conduct a census of giant pandas. However, while preparing to land, Jimmy accidentally opens the Tortuga's doors, causing one of Aviva's most cherished possessions, a stuffed panda named Stuffo, to unknowingly fall out of the Tortuga and onto Zach Varmitech's jet. Zach, who is plotting to create a line of stuffed toys out of roboticized animals, gets the idea to start with pandas after seeing Stuffo. When he finds out that the Wild Kratts are in China, he drains the Tortuga, and later the Kratt brothers' and Aviva's Buzz Bikes, of their power. To save the pandas and to recharge their vehicles, the Wild Kratts set out to learn how pandas get their energy from bamboo.
95 3 "Snowy Owl Invasion" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy January 17, 2017 TBA
The Wild Kratts receive messages from kids south of the Arctic tundra, who tell them that they saw snowy owls near their homes. To find out why snowy owls, which are native to the Arctic tundra, have migrated south, the Wild Kratts split up: Chris and Koki head to the Arctic to see if there are snowy owls there, while Martin, Aviva, and Jimmy meet some kids who saw snowy owls near their home. Meanwhile, Donita Donata, who sees a snowy owl outside her mansion, is inspired to start a fashion line of snowy owl winter-wear hats.
96 4 "Pangolin Rescue" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt July 20, 2016 TBA
The Kratt brothers find a pangolin walking on the African savanna. Intrigued by its keratin scales, which are used in defense, the Wild Kratts set out to learn more about the pangolin and to tell everybody they know about it. However, the Wild Kratts receive a message from Chinese kids Yi and Duyi, who reported seeing pangolin traps in the bamboo forest outside their village. The Wild Kratts eventually find out that these traps were set by Gourmand, who is plotting to use pangolin scales as ingredients for medicinal fruit smoothies.
97 5[4] "A Creature Christmas" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy November 25, 2015[5] TBA
The Wild Kratts are celebrating their annual Christmas party, when they receive alerts that Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Gourmand are capturing infant animals from all over the world. They postpone their party in order to stop them. After failing to stop the villains the first time, the Wild Kratts continue to postpone their Christmas party in order to thwart the villains' plan to use infant animals as decorations in a shopping mall.
98 6 "Puffin Rescue" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt January 18, 2017 TBA
The Wild Kratts are flung in multiple directions over the open ocean when a rogue wave hits their Tortuga. While he and his teammates try to survive, stay sane, and find each other, Martin lands on an island inhabited by puffins. When Aviva finds him, Martin asks her to program Puffin Power, thinking that he can use it to save his teammates.
99 7 "Stars of the Tides" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy July 29, 2015 TBA
After seeing the Kratt brothers fighting over a seashell, Aviva challenges them to a competition involving the Creature Powers of intertidal zone creatures. The winner gets to keep the seashell.
100 8 "The Last Largest Lobster" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt July 29, 2015 TBA
A seagull takes a Creature Power Disc and drops it in the ocean. While trying to retrieve the disc, the Kratt brothers find the so-called "Last Largest Lobster" and ask Aviva to make Lobster Discs. Meanwhile, Chef Gourmand searches for this Last Largest Lobster.
101 9 "Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy July 21, 2016 TBA
The Wild Kratts are in the Daba Mountain Range of China observing golden snub nosed monkeys. After Aviva finishes Gold Snub Nosed Monkey Power Discs and Chris activates his suit, one of the infant snub nosed monkeys tasks the discs, and after chasing it the Kratt brothers and Aviva end up in a giant snowball that causes them to separate from each other. To keep warm, Martin decides to activate his Creature Power Suit, but it malfunctions and turns him into a much bigger and harrier snub nosed monkey. While they search for each other, Zach Varmitech heads to the Daba Mountain Range to capture a legendary Yeti and to make people pay money to see it.
102 10 "The Other Martins" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy April 26, 2016 TBA
Chris's day gets progressively worse, from getting dive-bombed by a purple martin to losing his Creature Power Suit to a red squirrel. He also resents his brother, who keeps enjoying the fact that he gets to meet purple martins and pine martens, his "namesakes," as he calls them.
103 11 "Eel-lectric!" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy January 19, 2017 TBA
The Tortuga loses power and crash lands in the Amazon rainforest. While Koki works on the repairs, the Kratt brothers set out to explore the Amazon. They find a swarm of electric eels and decide to apply what they learned from how the eels generate electricity to restore power to the Tortuga.
104 12 "The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy January 9, 2017 TBA
Wild Kratts kid Ronan asks the Wild Kratts if they had adventured with narwhals yet. Immediately realizing that they have not, the Wild Kratts head to the Arctic to learn more about narwhals and especially about their tusk, which they originally mistake for a horn.
105 13 "Sea Otter Swim" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy April 27, 2016 TBA
Jimmy reveals to his teammates that he is not at all a good swimmer. They reassure him, and the Kratt brothers introduce to him a sea otter named Coach, whom they believe can help him out with swimming.
106 14 "Red Panda Rescue" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy July 22, 2016 TBA
Chris is accidentally catapulted out of range and lands on a tree, where he finds a red panda cub. He later realizes that it is lost when it follows him back to the Tortuga. He then shows the rest of the crew, who come back only to be asked by Martin about what kind of animal the red panda is. However, Zach Varmitech finds out about the lost red panda and plans to give it to Donita as a present for her birthday.
107 15 "Spirit Bear" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy April 29, 2016 TBA
The Kratt brothers and Aviva kayak to an island where black bears live to look for black bears. Meanwhile, Paisley Paver and her henchman, Rex, arrive on the island, which they plot to flatten and pave in its entirety in order to build an enormous storage facility.
108 16 "The Colors of China" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy July 25, 2016 TBA
While in China, the Kratt brothers encounter golden pheasants. From seeing how colorful they are, they then begin to wonder about the importance of color to certain animals in China. However, Donita Donata plans to capture several animals of china and bleaches their coats in order to use them as statues for a drab fashion show.
111 17 "Box Turtled In!" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy April 25, 2016 TBA
The Wild Kratts accidentally use the Miniaturizer to miniaturize their Tortuga while searching for the Miniaturizer. They decide to take advantage of the situation to meet a box turtle. But trouble starts a coyote tries eating the Tortuga. They then experience various dangers to box-turtles as they try to return their Tortuga to normal size.
112 18 "Animals Who Live to be 100 Years Old" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy April 28, 2016 TBA
Martin introduces his teammates to a fruit fly he named Juice. However, Juice unexpectedly dies after living only five weeks. The Wild Kratts then begin to wonder about animals that can live over 100 years, so the Kratt brothers take them to the Galápagos Islands to see the giant tortoise. However, Zach Varmitech captures the tortoise as part of his plan to understand the secret of how certain animals can live for a very long time so he can live a very long time as well. The Wild Kratts then follow Zach all over the world to prevent him from capturing other long-living animals.
113 19 "Archerfish School" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy April 10, 2017 TBA
Chris is practicing his archery skills but keeps missing the target. While lamenting how poor his aim is, Chris stumbles upon an archerfish in a nearby pond. Knowing that archerfish are able to accurately target their prey from a distance, Chris and his teammates then set out to learn how to improve one's aim from the archerfish. Meanwhile, Donita Donata and Dabio are collecting infant animals for a new fashion line.
114 20 "This Orca Likes Sharks" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy April 11, 2017 TBA
While relaxing by floating down inner tubes on a freshwater river, the Wild Kratts are surprised to see a shark in the river. The Kratt brothers get a closer look while their teammates return to the Tortuga. They find out it is a man-eating bull shark and swim to shore, where they find a bottle with a message about a shark-eating orca. The Kratt brothers, ever so intrigued, decide to seek out this orca and to learn more about orcas.
115 21 "Baby Tooth & Kid Musky" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy April 12, 2017 TBA
The Wild Kratts head to the Arctic tundra to learn about some of the animals that inhabit it. However, Chris wants to start with Arctic wolves, while Martin wants to start with musk oxen. Having difficulty convincing Aviva to agree which one to start with first, the Kratt brothers split up to spend time with their preferred animal. Although Chris gets to have the Creature Power of his preferred animal made first, he and his brother find it increasingly difficult to understand the predator–prey relationship between the Arctic wolf (predator) and the musk ox (prey).
116 22 "Cheetah Adopted" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy April 13, 2017 TBA
The Kratt brothers are dropped off in the African savanna while their teammates head to the nearest village to get resupplied. The Kratt brothers also promise their teammates that they would not call or help or ask for any other requests, including making Creature Powers. They find a warthog mother and realize that she is taking care of Spot Swat, a cheetah cub they met in previous adventures. They then head out to reunite Spot Swat with his mother, Blur.
117 23 "Musk Ox Mania" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy April 14, 2017 TBA
Chris realizes that he lost his collection of animal specimens in the Arctic tundra. He retraces his steps while musing about the adventure he and his teammates had the last time they were in the Arctic tundra. However, Zach Varmitech finds out and, realizing that the Kratt brothers could use the specimens to activate Creature Powers wherever and whenever they want, heads to the Arctic tundra to find the collection before the Wild Kratts do.
118 24[6] "Creatures of the Deep Sea" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy November 23, 2016[7] TBA
The Wild Kratts use Aviva's newest transport to dive down into the deep sea for exploration and to potentially discover new life forms. Meanwhile, Gourmand, using a submersible borrowed from Zach Varmitech, descends down into the deep sea to find new creatures to cook. Then the Wild Kratts try to stop Gourmand from cooking deep sea creatures. In the process, they learn more about the deep sea.

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