"Rex" is not to be confused with T-Rex.

Rex is a recurring villain in Wild Kratts. Voiced by Cory Doran,[1] he made his first appearance, along with his superior, Paisley Paver, in the episode "Spirit Bear." He and Paisley are the latest recurring villains to appear in the series, the first to appear since Gourmand in "Platypus Cafe," and the only ones to not debut in season 1.

Rex is a construction worker who works for Paisley Paver, CEO of Pave Nature Incorporated. He loves pavement and is always ecstatic about using Paisley's paving machines.


Season 4

Rex first appeared in the episode "Spirit Bear."


Season 4

Season 5


"None! So, can I start the pavers?"
~Rex's first lines, responding to a comment from Paisley on the "usefulness" of "Bear Island" (source)
"Oh, that's nice, Paisley. Real nice! The more pavement, the better!"
~Rex expressing his opinion on Paisley's plan to flatten and pave "Bear Island" in order to build an enormous storage facility (source)
"Bushes out, buildings in! Sounds good."
~Rex eager to pave (source)
"Oh, my pavers!"
~Rex upset when Paisley's pavers get destroyed (source)



  1. Voice actor information is taken from episode end credits.
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