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"Raptor Round Up", often stylized as "Raptor Roundup", is the 40th episode of Season 1 of the PBS Kids show Wild Kratts. It is the 40th episode of the series overall. It premiered on October 20, 2011. It is the final episode of Season 1. On March 20, 2012, "Raptor Round Up" was first released on DVD as part of Wild Kratts: Predator Power.

In this episode, after Koki says to Martin that she does not believe that he can identify raptors just by their movements in the sky, Martin, and eventually the rest of the crew, gets the idea to identify raptors in person. But Chef Gourmand is capturing raptors to find out which bird would make the tastiest dish, so the Wild Kratts crew goes on a rescue mission to get all the raptors he had captured back to their native habitats.


The episode begins with a live action segment, in which the Kratt brothers introduce a type of bird called the raptor with a Harris hawk. Afterwards, they ask their "What if?" question and the show transitions into the cartoon segment.

As the team organizes the contents from the Tortuga, Koki sees Martin identifying raptors as they fly across the sky. Koki does not believe that he can identify them like that, so Martin, and eventually the rest of the crew, gets the idea to identify raptors in person. The first bird the team sees is a secretarybird, and Martin uses its features to describe the features of a raptor. The Wild Kratts then watch the bird hunt a black mamba by stomping on it, and because of this, Martin names the bird Stomp. Stomp leads them to a pond, where there are more raptors. However, Chef Gourmand appears and nets all the raptors except for Stomp. The Kratt brothers pursue Gourmand, while the rest of the crew heads back to the Tortuga.

The Kratt brothers head to and sneak into Gourmand's plane. Inside the plane are several cages with various raptors originating from different parts of the world. The Kratt brothers hide behind some crates before Gourmand came back with a netted Stomp. Chris then activates his Peregrine Falcon Creature Power Suit and flies off with all of Gourmand's cooking utensils in his shoulder sack. Martin calls the rest of the team and tells them to grab any thick hand-garments. As the rest of the crew gets ready, Gourmand puts on his jet-pack and starts pelting dough at Chris.

After a few clarifications on the various types of raptors, the Wild Kratts are able to take every raptor out of Gourmand's plane. Meanwhile, Gourmand successfully hits Chris with dough, causing him to fall into a mud wallow. Back at Gourmand's plane, the team releases the African raptors. Martin activates his Peregrine Falcon Creature Power Suit and flies away to aid Chris while the rest of the crew takes the raptors back to the Tortuga. With his talons, he grabs Chris and removes all mud on him. The Kratt brothers then pursue Gourmand, but Gourmand is able to maneuver away from them and traps them in a mist net. The Kratt brothers, however, are able to break free by cutting the net with their beaks.

Gourmand sneaks into the Tortuga to recapture the raptors. He finds himself in a darkened room where he can only see the silhouettes of the "raptors". When Gourmand nets one, the lights turn on. The "raptors" turn out to be Guineafowl Flappers. Aviva tells him that she is going to send him to Antarctica, the only continent where there are no raptors, so that he imagines what the world is like without raptors and will reconsider his decision about capturing them. She uses her robot arm to trap Gourmand in a large drawstring bag and activates the Guineafowl Flappers, and Gourmand is sent to raptor-less Antarctica.

The show transitions into the ending live action segment. As it rains, the Kratt brothers sort various raptors by their features. Afterwards, they conclude the episode by saying "Keep on creature adventuring; we'll see you on the creature trail!"


Live action: The Kratt brothers and a Harris hawk



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Live Action

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  • In this episode, Aviva hints about how she started on her time machine (which is confirmed later in the season 3 special "Back in Creature Time").
  • Except for minor appearances, this is the last time the Tortuga's original design is seen.
  • Gourmand is sneaky enough to sneak into the Tortuga HQ. This is the second time a villain has infiltrated the Tortuga.
  • This is the first time Jimmy has come face to face with Gourmand.
  • This is the Season 1 finale.

Key Facts and Creature Moments

  • The way to identify a raptor is with these features:
    • 1: The strong gripping feet and talons for catching prey.
    • 2: A sharp beak for shearing meat.
    • 3: Eyes in front of it's head for focusing on prey.
  • Raptors, like all birds, are living descendants dinosaurs.
  • Hunter birds hunt snakes by stomping on them.
  • There are 320 different species of raptor in the world.


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