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Osprey” is the seventh episode of the third season of Wild Kratts, originally airing on PBS Kids on April 11, 2014.[1] Overall, it is the 73rd episode of the series. The episode was written and directed by Martin Kratt.

In this episode, Jimmy is worried that he will lose the Tortuga’s ignition key again. This came true when the Kratt brothers race back to recharge their Buzz Bikes, causing Jimmy to accidentally drop the key into the water. As the key slowly floats away from the Tortuga, the team works to track down the key, while the Kratt brothers go and learn about the osprey, whose abilities could also help them retrieve it. Meanwhile, Zach Varmitech’s computer locates the Wild Kratts, showing that the Tortuga key is lost. Zach then heads to the Tortuga, and orders his Zachbots to find the key, hoping to get his hands on all of Aviva’s technology.


The episode begins with a live-action segment. The Kratts are kayaking in the cypress swamps of Florida, talking about ospreys, which they think can really catch fish. Afterward, they ask their “What if?” question, and the show transitions into the cartoon segment.

Jimmy and Koki are fixing the Tortuga, when Jimmy realizes that he needs to be careful with the Tortuga’s ignition key. Outside, the Kratt brothers witness an osprey grab a fish with its talons, so they also decide to go find out why osprey can catch fish so well. Aviva is also inspired by this ability and is ready to make Osprey Power Discs. Jimmy tries not to drop the key, but he bumps into Aviva and drops the key. Luckily, Koki gets it back immediately and then they put it on a rubber fish so that it doesn't sink. The Kratt brothers follow the osprey in their Buzz Bikes, but the osprey seems somewhat annoyed, so they race back to the Tortuga to miniaturize. Jimmy comes out of the Tortuga, but the speeding Buzz Bikes cause him to spin, and the key falls into the water. After the Kratt brothers try to charge the Miniaturizer and the Buzz Bikes, Jimmy tries to tell them the Tortuga doesn't have any power to power the Miniaturizer. Jimmy says he had to power down while Koki was working on the Tortuga. Once she's done, they can power it back up. Just then, Jimmy realizes that he lost the key to the Tortuga and he begs the Kratt brothers to retrieve it. Jimmy thinks he dropped it. Martin hopes he didn't drop it in the water again. The rest of the Wild Kratts team come to check what's going on. Koki tells them that she put the key on a rubber fish, just in case it sinks. Jimmy looks through the binoculars and finds out that thankfully, the key didn't sink. However, the rubber fish is floating away. Jimmy begs Chris and Martin to find it. Chris and Martin use the Buzz Bikes, but they realize that they never charged them and they fall in the ocean. Jimmy starts crying again. Chris and Martin then go off searching for an osprey by activating their Hummingbird and Dragonfly Creature Power Suits, respectively. Koki also searches for it with a boat, but it doesn't work because the glare on the water is still too strong, making her unable to find the key. Meanwhile, Zach Varmitech also finds out the Tortuga’s ignition key is floating away and gets the idea to find it because he knows he will get his hands on all of the Wild Kratts’ technology.

The Kratt brothers enter the forested area and find an osprey, which is not bothered by their presence. They observe how the osprey catches fish while Aviva watches, and Martin subsequently names the osprey Slip Grip, who then leads the two to a dead treetop nest. Aviva finishes the Osprey Power Discs, but right after, Zach arrives and tells Aviva that he heard she lost the key to her Tortuga and offers his help to find it and when he does that he will control all of their technology. Aviva tells Zach that he is assuming that he will find the key, but Martin and Chris are already looking. Zach tells that Chris and Martin may be out looking for it, but they are unaware of his presence. Aviva tries to warn the Kratt brothers, but Zach orders a Zachbot to block the Tortuga crew’s communications and trap them, which it does. Zach laughs saying that it's his advantage.

Martin and Chris find a chick in Slip Grip’s nest, which Martin names Fluffy Flier. Chris calls the crew to let them know what's going on, but the Creature Pod is malfunctioning, so he's not getting anything. Martin decides to head back there to find out what happened. Zach finds out and orders a Zachbot to cut the down the tree holding up the nest to distract the Kratts, and ordering others to find the key. The Kratt brothers return to the Tortuga and eventually find out that their communications are malfunctioning because Zach cast a communication blocking net which prevents Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy from calling or receive any calls from the Kratt brothers. The brothers reach the crew and Koki tells the brothers that Zach sent his Zachbots to find the Tortuga key. Jimmy starts worrying that if Zach finds it first, they'll lose everything (in terms of power). Jimmy begins naming what inventions they'll lose in alphabetical order. Aviva hands the brothers the discs, which are mini. In the middle of Jimmy naming the inventions, Martin tells Jimmy not to worry because they'll activate Osprey powers and find the key before Zach does. Zach overhears him and claims that they won't. He also orders the Zachbots to swat the flies, which are actually a hummingbird and a dragonfly. The Kratt brothers fly away and tell the Zachbots to catch them if they can. The Zachbots then crash into each other after Martin and Chris move out of their way. The Kratt brothers then touch an osprey and activate their Osprey Creature Power Suits. They turn on their anti-glare vision and say that they'll find the key in no time, which is not good for Zach. He then orders a Zachbot to cut down the tree which holds the nest with Fluffy Flier. Chris and Martin see this and have to save Fluffy Flier because he is not ready to fly and will fall into the water and drown. Thankfully, Martin is able to catch the nest with Fluffy Flier in it just in time and Chris gets rid of the Zachbot blocking the Wild Kratts’ communications. Martin drops Fluffy Flier slowly in the Tortuga and Aviva decides to take care of Fluffy Flier. Koki says that the key floated west, according to the historical currents and today's winds, and she tells them to head out to retrieve the key, which they do. While flying, they find a weird fish which is none other than the key dangling from its tail. Zach claims that his Zachbot found it, but it was Chris and Martin that did. Zach tells his Zachbot not to just stand there, but grab the key as well. The crew cheers for Chris and Martin. The latters grab the key before the Zachbot is able to, which Zach is not happy about. While Jimmy is naming what inventions they'll lose, Chris drops the key in Jimmy’s hands, and he turns on the Tortuga. Aviva then scares Zach with the Tortuga’s new “Angry Mode”. Zach admits defeat and goes back inside his jet. Chris and Martin declare "creature mission accomplished". Aviva informs the guys that they're not done yet because they have to find a new home for Fluffy Flier. By sundown, the Wild Kratts build an indestructible pedestal for the osprey nest, built with an iron core and a titanium casing.

The show transitions into the concluding live action segment. The Kratt brothers continue describing how an osprey catches fish, and canoe to a couple of osprey nest platforms. Afterward, they conclude the episode by saying “Keep on creature adventuring; we’ll see you on the creature trail!”



Live action segment: An osprey that is eating fish



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  • There are some references and a scene from the Wild Kratts episode “Tortuga Tune Up”.
  • “Osprey” marks the second time the Tortuga’s ignition key goes missing after “Tortuga Tune Up”.
  • Chris and Martin again use completed Osprey Power in the episode “Slider: The Otter”.
  • This is the first and only time the Tortuga's "Angry Mode" has ever been used.

Key facts and Creature Moments

  • To snatch fish out of the water surface, an osprey first scans the water for fish silhouettes with its eyes, which cut through glare. Then it quickly dives and extends its talons in the water. Its chances of catching fish like this are high.
  • To carry fish, an osprey has strong chest muscles to prevent the weight of the fish from dragging it down. It also has rough feet and sharp talons, which keep the fish from slipping away.


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