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"Neck and Neck" is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Wild Kratts, originally airing on PBS Kids on January 18, 2013. Overall, it is the 46th episode of the series. The episode was written and directed by Chris Kratt.

In this episode, while Chris and Martin search for the answer to why giraffes have long necks, a mischievous giraffe begins secretly taking Creature Power Suit parts and supplies from the Tortuga.


The episode begins with a live-action segment. While the Kratt brothers are packing their gear, a giraffe pokes its head through the window. Outside, they find a few more giraffes, and afterward, they ask their "What if?" question and "transform into their animated selves".

The Kratt brothers introduce the giraffe to Aviva after one wakes Chris up while he was sleeping in his hammock. Aviva begins to wonder why giraffes have long necks and begins a conversation with Koki, who has finished building a retractable window for the Tortuga. She says to her that she thinks giraffes have longs necks because long necks allow them to reach leaves high up in the trees. Koki strongly disagrees, saying that giraffes use their necks in fights with each other. They then decide to settle the dispute by asking what the Kratt brothers think. The Kratt brothers have no idea how to answer the question, so Chris decides on an experiment to find out. At the same time, a giraffe sticks its head through the new retractable window and takes a roll of tubing.

The Kratt brothers find a giraffe, which Martin names Necktie, and sends a scan of its neck to Aviva, who uses the information gathered to create a Giraffe Power Disc. At the same time, the same giraffe that poked in earlier takes a critical component – the deactivation module, out of Martin's Creature Power Suit. Afterward, Jimmy quickly teleports the Suits to the Kratt brothers, who follow Necktie to a mixed herd of herbivores. Chris activates his Zebra Creature Power Suit, and Martin activates his Giraffe Creature Power Suit. After a lion attacks Necktie, the Kratt brothers decide to deactivate their Creature Power Suits. Chris successfully does, but Martin is unable to. Aviva realizes that she lost Martin's Suit's deactivation module, but she says she has the plans and can make another one. Again, while nobody is looking, the same giraffe that took the deactivation module takes the plans.

The Kratt brothers decide to continue the experiment by first finding a place with undisturbed trees. Jimmy tells the Kratt brothers that he knows of such a place that he fenced off a while ago, and sends them the coordinates. As for Martin's dilemma, Aviva resorts to using the deactivation module in Chris's Suit. Koki takes Jimmy to the site, where Chris and Martin are waiting. Chris breaks the fence surrounding the area. Not long after, several herbivores arrive. After Koki and Jimmy leave with Chris's Suit, a giraffe challenges Necktie for his female. At first, the giraffe beats him, but Necktie repeatedly retaliates with attacks from his neck.

After the final blow, Chris realizes that Necktie has the longer neck, and he thinks that might benefit giraffes in fights, supporting Koki's proposition. The Kratt brothers also realize that giraffes are the only herbivores that can reach the leaves high up in the trees which supports Aviva's theory as well. They call the rest of the crew to tell them the good news, but Aviva is acting really nervous like she's trying to hide something. Eventually, she simply tells Martin "might be in giraffe mode forever". How could it have come to this? Somehow, Chris's Creature Power Suit is gone now. So not only is the last hope of Martin ever turning human again dashed, but so is Chris's ability to activate Creature Powers.

Things look bleak as Martin struggles to adapt to this new normal, despite his younger brother trying to help him look at his situation in a positive way. Just then, Martin notices a giraffe with an oddly lumpy neck. Chris also sees that those lumps are his Creature Power Suit, Martin's deactivation module, and the module's blueprints. The bros realize that finding that sneaky giraffe is the key to fixing everything. They follow her into a thicket, and Martin calls out her name as Necklace. When they follow Necklace out of the thicket, they find her with Necktie. He immediately sees the older Kratt brother as competition for Necklace. Necktie hits Martin a few times even though he and Chris try to convince the giraffe that they just want the stuff on Necklace's neck. The third blow results in knocking Martin out cold and convinces Necklace that Necktie is stronger than the blue Kratt brother; thus winning her affection. While the two giraffes embrace, Martin picks off all their stuff off of Necklace's neck.

In the end, Aviva inserts the deactivation module back into Martin's Suit, and after concluding that long necks benefit giraffes in more than one way, the Kratt brothers, both with Giraffe Power, and the rest of the Wild Kratts play soccer.

The show transitions into the ending live action segment. The Kratt brothers climb up a tree to feed and to get a closer look at giraffes. Afterward, the Kratt brothers conclude the episode by saying "Keep on creature adventuring; we'll see you on the creature trail!"




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Live Action Videos[]

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Live Action[]

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  • On PBS Kids, the giraffe was measured at 18 feet, but on TVOKids it was measured at 5 meters.
  • This is the fourth time a Creature Power Suit is unable to be deactivated.
  • When Aviva said she is not Martin, that means she is not careless or disorganized like Martin is.
  • This is the last episode to be filmed on the African Savannah until Season 4.

Key Facts and Creature Moments[]

  • The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world: up to 18 feet/5 meters tall. That's taller than 3 grown-up people.
  • Scientists are still working on the answer to why giraffes have long necks.
  • Some benefits a giraffes long neck has: Standing tall to watch out for predators from afar, to reach tall tree leaves to not compete with other herbivores.
  • A giraffe has a long prehensile tongue used to strip leaves off tree branches.
  • A giraffes neck has 7 vertebrae, like humans, but way bigger and longer.
  • A giraffe has a huge strong heart with special blood vessels to pump blood up into its head, due to its long neck.
  • A giraffes spotted coat allows it to camouflage amongst tall trees.
  • A giraffe defending itself against a pride of lions.
  • A giraffes kick is powerful enough to kill a lion.
  • Two male giraffes fighting each other with their necks to impress a female.


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