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The Miniaturizer is one of Aviva's most notable inventions. Created for the Kratt brothers, the device is capable of shrinking various objects, whether organic matter or nonliving, to nearly microscopic size. It can also be used in reverse to increase objects in size to gigantic levels.

It was first seen in the Season 1 episode "Mom of a Croc", but was officially introduced in the "Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy". Since its creation, the Miniaturizer has been prominently featured throughout the Wild Kratts series, even appearing in live shows.


The Miniaturizer is collapsible for travel and safekeeping. When in this portable state, it can be deployed by being tossed to the ground. During this process, it enlarges itself and splits into two halves, where a flat round panel raises from the center. Four legs extend from the side and reach to the ground. This is the basic form used for miniaturization and enlargement. It can be brought back to portable size by pressing one of the buttons.


There are several ways to activate miniaturization, with the most commonly used method being the automatic sequence that occurs whenever it gets deployed. It can also be initiated by pushing one of the buttons (which varies in location and appearance across episodes) or via Jimmy's controller. Due to the default settings being mini-size, the sizing dial must be adjusted if the user wants to enlarge.

Once activated, a beam of light shines from the center platform where the user must stand on (or where the object must be placed). The miniaturization process happens in no more than a second, and after it has occurred, the light beam will disappear. Enlargement often takes slightly more time to finish.


One remarkable functionality of the Miniaturizer was shown in "Seasquatch". In this episode, it was used to teleport a Yeti Crab Power Disc, fundamentally acting as an outdoor version of the Teleporter. This ability hasn't been used since.


To keep it concealed while the user is away, the Miniaturizer has the ability to blend in with its surroundings. This was shown in "Under Frozen Pond" when Koki used her master control tablet to generate a hologram around the Miniaturizer, making it blend in with the surrounding snow. The Tortuga has a similar power.


"Elephant in the Room"

The gang getting miniaturized in "Elephant in the Room"

Aviva and Koki worked on the Miniaturizer to make it so the Kratt brothers would be able to shrink down to the size of ants. When Thornsley dragged one of the legs by accident, he caused it to fall over and miniaturize them (along with Jimmy) in the process. They were rescued and returned to normal by the Kratt brothers.

"Masked Bandits"

Koki used it to enlarge a strawberry for her dessert by reversing its main controls, but Aviva claimed that wasn't what it's for. Later, a family of four raccoons played around with the Miniaturizer controls after they snuck into the Tortuga. This enlarged Momma Raccoon by accident, who wandered off into the forest before the Wild Kratts could find out what happened. By using Martin and fruit as bait, the team successfully brought her back to normal size.

"The Gecko Effect"

Zach stole the Miniaturizer for the first time and trapped the mini-sized Wild Kratts in a glass container. His plan was to keep them as his trophy pets and to miniaturize animals for them to play with. By pretending to be afraid of geckos, Martin tricked him into putting Okay the tokay gecko in the container. This allowed them to activate Gecko Powers and make their escape while Zach demonstrated his "new invention" to the other villains by miniaturizing his Zachbots. Zach ordered the Zachbots to get Chris and Martin, but not before he remembers that he miniaturized the Zachbots, in which Chris and Martin blow away. They all find that two moonrats entered the Tortuga and jumped onto the Miniaturizer, turning them big-size. Zach runs out screaming and the Kratt brothers quickly return the moonrats to their original size.


Tuba after being enlarged in "Aquafrog"

Chris, Martin, and Aviva miniaturized to get a closer look at the life cycle of the bullfrog. Later, a bullfrog named Tuba got enlarged by accident while Zach's plane approached Frogwater Pond. Zach had originally came to dump toxic goop into the pond, but soon retreated after finding out about the giant frog.

"The Hermit Crab Shell Exchange"

After being hit by Gourmand's dough balls, the first Miniaturizer malfunction occurred. This altered the miniaturization sequence and caused Chris and Martin to slowly return to normal size after miniaturizing.

"The Last Largest Lobster"

Chris dropped the Miniaturizer during a battle with Gourmand, enlarging the Last Largest Lobster.

"Box Turtled In!"

The miniaturized Tortuga in "Box Turtled In!"

While searching for the lost Miniaturizer that the Kratt brothers left behind on an adventure, the Tortuga, along with the crew, got miniaturized. This is the first episode where the Tortuga got miniaturized.

"Blue Heron"

Zach stole the Miniaturizer and used it to shrink down the Tortuga. This is the second episode where the Tortuga got miniaturized.

"Wild Kratts Halloween: Creepy Creatures!"

The Miniaturizer played a major role in the villains' plan to build a scary mansion for Halloween, with big-sized animals being the main attraction.


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  • It is one of Aviva's inventions that Zach is most interested in, as he has stolen it multiple times. However, he never actually used it to miniaturize himself.
  • There are a few episodes where the Miniaturizer is only used off-screen, such as "Flight of the Pollinators" and "Journey to the Subnivean Zone".
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