Lost at Sea

Promotional image for the special

The Lost at Sea special is a one hour Wild Kratts special that premiered on Monday, January 21, 2013. The special involved the episodes "Speaking Dolphinese" and "Blowfish Blowout" premiering about two weeks before their original air dates.[1][2] On January 22, 2013, the special became available on the PBS KIDS Video App.[3]

The Lost at Sea DVD was released on January 22, 2013, one day after the event first aired. The DVD contains all of the "Lost at Sea" episodes.[3]



The event starts out with an introduction showing that the viewer is watching the "Lost at Sea" event.

"Blowfish Blowout"

The Wild Kratts are wondering what Donita Donata and Dabio are doing in the Caribbean Sea, when the Kratt brothers get sucked into a rip current containing a swath of plankton, where they end up in a coral reef. As the rest of the crew searches for them, the Kratt brothers meet a blowfish, which they observe using its spiky skin as a defense, and even how it eats. However, Donita also arrives at the coral reef, and is able to capture the blowfish and make it into a fashionable head-wear. In order to save it, the Wild Kratts don the defensive abilities of the blowfish.

"Speaking Dolphinese"

When Aviva unveils her latest invention, the Dolphin Decoder, the Wild Kratts go on a mission to crack the language-code of bottlenose dolphins. After learning a few "whistles" and "clicks", one young dolphin gets itself trapped in a shipwreck and cornered by a great white shark. To rescue the dolphin and scare away the shark, the Wild Kratts apply what they have learned from speaking "Dolphinese".


The ending does not show the extra segments that occur at the end of a typical Wild Kratts episode. The end also includes only one credit sequence.


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