Koki is a member of the Wild Kratts crew. She is a mechanic and computers expert, and her main job is manning the communication systems of the Tortuga.


Koki is a young African American woman of average height (though she is noticeably shorter than Aviva); she has darker skin, long Afro-styled hair, and brown eyes. Her outfit usually consists of a black and red, short sleeved shirt with a white star on it, yellow bootcut pants, and red shoes, each with two turquoise blue stripes coming down from the laces to the sole. In addition to this, she wears a yellow headband on her head, Also, she had triple ears pierced. Due to her melanin, she also has some freckles. Her signature colors are orange and maroon.


Koki is sane, serious, and easily annoyed, but she knows when to smile and joke off. She is not afraid to fight back when threatened and speak what is on her mind. A defining trait of Koki's is her typically sarcastic tone, usually taken in the midst of one of the Kratt brothers' various antics, Despite this, however, she is still competent at her job and does never give up easily. If there is trouble, she gets right to solving it, often coming up with clever solutions. Her loyalty and hardworking attitude are two of the things that keep the Wild Kratts crew strong and together.


As the technology and computer expert of the team, Koki manages the communication systems of the Tortuga, receiving, transmitting, and intercepting signals. She is a intelligent skilled mechanic, with engineering skills on par with that of Aviva's, seeing as she also helped in the Tortuga's construction; as such, she is in charge of maintaining their base of operations. She also researches information about animals on the internet.

Used Suits


Jimmy: "If the Kratt bros had a comedy show, I'd totally watch it!"
Koki: "I think we just did!"
~Jimmy and Koki joking around (source)
""Welcome to your new home, Bite-Size! And I want you to know I really, really, REALLY like you now.""
"If this party happens, it'll be a miracle!"
~An irritated Koki (source)


  • Koki participates less in the Wild Kratts' outdoor creature adventures, instead manning the computers and maintaining communication with the brothers. She warns them if danger is near like a storm or a villain or if there is something they should be aware of.
  • Even though Koki doesn't actively go on the creature adventures, she scolds and yells at the Kratt brothers less than Aviva does.
  • Even though Martin and Chris are the only siblings in the Wild Kratts crew, Koki and Aviva are sensible and sister-like figures for the brothers.
  • She named a lion cub "Screen Saver" after forgiving said cub for destroying her computer screen in "Bad Hair Day."
  • In "Termites Versus Tongues," Koki claims to know karate when she karate-chops a termite's jaws.
  • Koki got to try out her first Creature Power Suit in "The Amazing Creature Race."
  • In "Alaska Hero's Journey," Koki is shown to have a Creature Power Suit of her own.
  • Her favorite continent is Asia.
  • In "Iron Wolverine," Koki is shown to know how to use tai chi during the cross country race.


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