Donita Donata is a recurring villain in Wild Kratts. She is a fashion designer who uses animals to make clothes and accessories.



Concept art of Donita

Donita is a middle-aged woman of noticeably high stature (she's the tallest of the villains after Dabio) with maroon hair, golden eyes, and tan skin. Her usual attire consists of a reddish-pink shirt adorned with dots, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, along with long, blue-green earrings and umber brown pants which are worn up to the waist. She is typically seen in high-heels, sporting a lot of makeup.


Donita gets easily frustrated and angry. Although she is able to do her own work, she often avoids doing so because she thinks it will make her look "unfashionable". She is bossy, and she tries to make herself look superior when facing others. She is also shown to be a bit of a flirt, as seen in her debut in "Flight of the Draco," with her close interactions with Martin, referring to him as "Martino."[3] While Donita admires animals for their beauty and other fashionable assets, she is quite apathetic towards their plight, only considering them to be a means to an end. Like Zach, she has an enormous ego, which makes her easy to dupe. She is also shown to be sarcastic.


IMG 7446

Donita capturing Martin in his Firefly Power Suit.

Donita incorporates animals into whatever she is making by placing them in suspended animation, in which the animals cannot move, but are still fully conscious. She then either shows them off at fashion shows or sells them as pieces of jewelry or other accessories.

Donita also has a henchman named Dabio. Although always ready to serve her every need, Dabio's childish attitude and low intelligence keep her from accomplishing her plans quickly, if at all.

Typically, Donita travels the world in her pink, private jet. The interior is littered with dress forms, sewing machines, posters, drapes, boxes filled with clothing and fabrics, and all of her comforts. The jet also has a suction vacuum, which she uses to suck up her animal targets. She also travels in a pink yacht, which has an outdoor pool, and houses a pink speed boat. She even owns a fancy limousine. She is shown to be capable of hacking into the Wild Kratts' computers, meaning that she must be good with technology.[4]



"Welcome to the heights of fashion! Tonight I, Donita Donata, present you my Living Lizard collection... for men!"
~Donita presenting her latest fall fashion line (source)
"My jet travels at the speed of style, darling."
~Donita to Zach (source)
"Oh, look at the time! Better make like a pearl and roll!"
~Donita prior to making her getaway (source)
"Are you a parrot?"
~Donita to Dabio (source)


  • Her first appearance was in the episode "Flight of the Draco" where she kidnapped Martin Kratt and practically every draco lizard in the Indonesian Rainforest for her plan to sell living draco jewelry. She even hired Zach Varmitech and his Zachbots for security.
  • In "Voyage of the Butterflier XT", Donita gets the idea of creating living butterfly berets after she finds a live monarch in her hair. After driving halfway around the world she finds the hidden forest in Mexico where the butterflies spend the winter in. However, due their short lifespan, the butterflies soon begin to die. With the help of the Wild Kratts and some milkweed plants, the butterflies they are freed from Donita as she and Dabio roll down the hill in a giant bobble and get stuck in the back of a pickup truck.
  • In "Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus", after Zach steals the Arctic Pearl, he notifies Donita and tells her he's willing to give it to her for her new line of pearl encrusted sweat pants. She becomes unhappy when she hears that Zach had stolen the Arctic Pearl from the museum. After the Wild Kratts emerge from the frozen sea along with a few other walruses, Zach is sent flying and Donita quickly flees the scene with him.
  • In "Walk on the Wetside", Donita and Dabio hack into the Wild Kratts' communications, and when she finds out about the basilisk that they're looking for, she flies to Costa Rica to get her hands on one to use as a hat in an upcoming fashion competition in Paris.
  • In "Mimic", Donita and Dabio are driving around the African Savannah looking for an animal she could for her line of safari winter-wear. She sees a cheetah (which turned out to be Blur) chasing a Thompson's gazelle and decides to kidnap it for her to use. After overhearing Chris spying on them, she tricks him by leaving behind a decoy controller so Chris could take her and lead them to her cub named Spot Swat so she can use him as a hat. Martin pulls the old switcheroo on them and tricks them into taking a honey badger instead, causing them to get mauled and run away.
  • In "Birds of a Feather", Donita and Dabio travel to New Guinea to steal some birds-of-paradise to use for gowns. When Dabio captures Aviva along with several make Lawe's parotias, Donita has them locked up in a giant bird cage. Chris and Martin showed up to rescue them, but Donita put a stop to it by putting them into suspended animation with her Pose Beams. The Kratt brothers encourage Aviva and the parotias to dance, causing her jet to shake. The Pose Beams get destroyed in the process, allowing the Kratts to rescue them and escape.
  • In "Secrets of the Spider's Web", Donita is wanting to create a new kind of fabric for the fashion world. After walking into a giant spider web in her closet, she soon gets the idea to use spider silk as fabric. She and Dabio travel to Central America and capture as many golden orbeaver spiders as they can to make them produce spider silk for her to use. Before she can get away with it, her jet gets caught in a giant web made by the Kratt brothers with Golden Orb Weaver Spider Power and they set the spiders free.
  • In "Seahorse Rodeo", Donita is trying to decide what animal to use for her beach-themed jewelry. She calls the Wild Kratts and sees Martin underwater with some seahorses, which gets the idea to make earrings out of them. But thanks to Jimmy Z's digital jewel distraction, the Kratt brothers were able to use Seahorse Powers to hide all the seahorses in their stomach pouches.
  • In "Under Frozen Pond", Zach summons Donita and Gourmand for their annual villains meeting to discuss getting rid of the Wild Kratts.
  • In "Fossa Palooza", she hears that Martin hasn't gotten anything for his Mom for Mother's Day yet, and decides to go to Madagascar and collect diademed sifakas to sell as scarves for last minute Mother's Day shoppers.
  • In "Lemur Legs", Gourmand invites Zach and Donita to his restaurant.
  • In "Golden Bamboo Lemur", Donita wants to wear a golden monkey to go with her dress for the Golden Fashion Forward Awards. When she sees that the Wild Kratts have discovered a newborn Golden Bamboo Lemur, she decides she wants to wear it instead. Dabio distracts them while she grabs the baby lemur that Martin named Gold Puff. To keep the Wild Kratts from stopping her, she releases two spider monkeys and two proboscis monkeys loose in Madagascar that would eventually drive the other lemurs to extinction unless the Wild Kratts stopped them. While Chris, Martin, Aviva and Wild Kratts kid Patricia rounded up the monkeys, Koki and Jimmy went after Donita and managed to stall her by teleporting her golden dress away. After they caught up with her jet, Donita had Dabio bring down the Tortuga and pose beam Koki and Jimmy to force them watch her wear Gold Puff. Chris and Martin were able to get into Donita's jet and rescue them, leaving Donita with nothing to wear for the Golden Fashion Forward Awards.
  • In "Back in Creature Time: Tasmanian Tiger", the Kratt brothers and Aviva went back in time to see the extinct Tasmanian tiger. They find Donita Donata and Dabio's ancestors Shonita Donata and Shabio arrive with plans to start a sheep farm and soon a fashion empire. She sent out Shabio to eradicate any predators that would harm her sheep. The Kratt brothers taught the Tasmanian tigers that sheep aren't good to eat and to stay away from humans to help them stay save.
  • In the holiday special "A Creature Christmas", Zach, Gourmand, Donita, and Dabio have teamed up in a holiday plot to steal the Wild Kratts baby animal friends by trapping them in giant christmas ornaments, hanging from a robot tree in front of a mall owned by Zach called "Varmitech Village." The Wild Kratts' plan to split up and stop them backfired, so they regroup and head to Varmitech Village where they undecorated the tree setting the animals free. As the villains watch the Wild Kratts play happily with their baby animal friends, they pretend to be heartwarmed by them and say that they would help return the animals back to where they belong. When the villains give each of the Wild Kratts a present, they find out they've been tricked and get captured. The villains take all their belongings except for the Creature Power Discs so they would always be reminded of their defeat. The villains then leave them on a large ice float in the middle of the ocean and return to redecorate their tree. The villains had overlooked Aviva's latest invention, which was in Martin's pocket the entire time; a keychain with a button on it designed to summon his and Chris' Creature Power Suits whenever they needed them. With their suits back, they use their creature powers to get back to Varmitech Village. While the brothers undecorate the tree yet again, Zach's Zachbots and Donita's Mannequin Robots try to stop them. Jimmy activates the Tortuga's Disrupt-o-Blaster, causing them to be disabled. Zach reveals that the tree is actually a robot built to look like one and sends it out to destroy the Wild Kratts. After defeating the tree, they call out the baby animals by their names and the villains are soon trampled by them in an adorable defeat.
  • In "The Colors of China", Donita has Dabio capture several Chinese animals and uses a Fader Wand that she invented to get rid of their color. After Chris and Martin infiltrate her jet, she uses the wand on them, which also causes their Creature Power Suits to lose their special abilities. Fortunately they are still able to take the wand from Donita and have the animals rescued. Aviva then reverse engineers the wand and uses it to bring all of their colors back.
  • In "Animals Who Live to be 100 Years Old", Zach calls Donita after finding out that he has a wrinkle, assuming that she would know what to do. She explains that everyone gets old and that no amount of skin cream can stop it and how there is no such thing as the "Fountain of Youth."
  • In "Mystery of the North Pole Penguins?", Donita's plans of using emperor penguins as an inspiration for a new tuxedo backfire. She drops a family of them off at the North Pole, as they just happened to be flying over it at the time. When the Wild Kratts find and rescue them, Koki discovers pose beam residue on the penguins. The Wild Kratts call Donita and ask her to give them the coordinates from where she took them from, or else they would come over and hang out with her. Donita reluctantly gave them the coordinates, and the penguins were returned home to Antarctica.
  • In "Temple of Tigers", Donita tricks Chris and Martin into going to India to find a Bengal tiger for her to use in her upcoming line of tiger-themed clothes. Upon finding a mother with three cubs living in the ruins of an ancient temple, Donita takes over and captures the mother and two of her cubs. Using the creature powers from the third cub that Donita wasn't able to catch, Chris and Martin are able to rescue them. Donita and Dabio flee the temple exclaiming that "stripes are so last year."
  • In "Fire Salamander", Donita sees that the Wild Kratts have found some fire salamanders that they believe to have fire immunity, giving her the idea of making a bodysuit made out of fire salamander skin. When Chris and Martin try to stop her, Donita sets the Black Forest on fire to keep them busy. Chris goes after her while Martin and the others put out the fire. Chris gets captured by Donita, so Martin and Aviva use Peregrine Falcon Powers to rescue him and the salamanders.
  • In "Sloth Bear Suction", Donita and Dabio stumble upon a mother sloth bear. After seeing how messy her fur is, Donita is determined to straighten it out. They take the bear back to the jet, where Donita gives her a makeover with a variety of different hair styles. The Wild Kratts infiltrate the jet, using Sloth Bear Powers to retrieve the remote hidden in her vault to unfreeze the mother bear.
  • In the Halloween special "Creepy Creatures!", Donita and the other villains put together a haunted house filled with all sorts of creepy-looking animals, including a few of the Wild Kratts' animal friends. Donita puts together a scary animal fashion show with the use of the Miniaturizer to make the animals giant. When the Wild Kratts and Wild Kratts kids show up and aren't shown to be scared by them, Donita and Dabio leave where Donita states "I am never listening to Zach again!"
  • In "Mystery of the Mini Monkey Models", Donita captures several species of monkey from the Amazon Rainforest so that they could try out their different hairstyles.
  • In "Amazin' Amazon Adventure", Donita teams up with Zach, Gourmand, and Paisley in order to take advantage of the Amazon's biodiversity, so they can all use the land and its animals for their own benefit.
  • In "Parrot Power", Donita tries to capture macaws from the Amazon Rainforest to use their colorful feathers in her fashion schemes.


  • Donita is shown to be quite wealthy, seeing as she has her own private jet and yacht, along with a mansion.
  • Like Zach, Donita is shown to have fans and/or clients who support her line of work.
  • She represents fashion designers who use animals and sell them as clothing.
  • She hates the color yellow, to the point she gave up on her scheme to capture seahorses upon realizing that they turn yellow.


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