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Dabio is a supporting antagonist in Wild Kratts. He is Donita Donata's henchman. He is voiced by Cory Doran.


Concept art of Dabio

Dabio has a thick upper body and a slim lower body. He is very muscular as seen in his big arms. He is blond. He wears a turquoise t-shirt with a symbol in the middle and white pants. Between his shirt and pants is a brown belt. On his right arm, he has a brown band. He wears gray dress shoes.


Dabio has a cheerful and childish attitude, despite being mistreated by Donita. He is also ditzy and takes some things literally. He behaves similar to Zach Varmitech's Zachbots and Paisley Paver's henchman Rex.


Dabio works alongside Donita, and he uses his strength to protect her, move heavy things around, and collect her animal targets. Although Dabio is very obedient of Donita, he is very clumsy, and often gets confused or fails when given basic instructions.



Donita: "Are you a parrot?"
Dabio: "No, I'm a Dabio!"
"Oh, we make teeny dresses for spiders!"
~Dabio to Donita (source)