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"Creepy Creatures!" is the nineteenth episode of Season Five of the PBS Kids show Wild Kratts. It is the one hundred thirty-seventh episode of the series overall.


The Wild Kratts gang is getting ready for Halloween with decorations, jack-o-lanterns, and costumes. The bros decide to have a creepy-cool adventure with some creepy creatures. They split up to find the Goliath Birdeater, the largest spider in the world, and the Vampire Bat, a blood-sucking tiny bat. But with their new creature power suits, they must find and stop Zach, who has taken the Miniaturizer and teamed up with the villains to capture creepy cool creatures for a scary animal mansion.





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  • Martin (in Spider Powers), after rescuing his animal friends, had become known as a Monster Creature with the body and arm number of a tarantula, the legs of a Gila monster, the arms and hands of an aye-aye, the arms and paws of the jaguar, the tail of a spider monkey, the spines of a thorny devil, the head of the wolf, and the wings of a vampire bat. This marks the second time that a character activates a Creature Power which is a mix of different animals. The first time is Octopus Wildkratticus. It also makes Martin the second character to do so, next to Seven who debuted in said episode.
  • Fourth time Zach steal the miniaturizer "The Gecko Effect", "Liturgusa Krattorum (episode)" and "Blue Heron".
  • This is the 2nd-holiday special. The 1st was "A Creature Christmas".
  • This is also the 2nd Halloween episode. The 1st was "Masked Bandits".
  • This episode was uploaded to youtube in a different language.
  • The various Creature Power Suits are shown in the same fashion as the ones onscreen in Wild Kratts Live 2.0: - Activate Creature Power!, only the brothers enter the discs in the process.
  • Bite-Size makes his returning appearance to the series on the Wild Kratts logo and when he landed on a jack o lantern while the Wild Kratts sing their Halloween song.
  • The spooky creature power suit had the wings of a vampire bat (an animal that Martin wasn't holding before activating) but didn't have any features of a Tasmanian devil (an animal he was holding).
  • This is the final special of the 2010's decade.

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