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"Creatures of the Deep Sea" is the 24th episode of Season 4 of the PBS Kids show Wild Kratts. It is the 116th episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 23, 2016. It is a two-parter episode, originally aired as an hour-long special. It is the final episode of Season 4.

In the episode, the Wild Kratts use Aviva's newest transport to dive down into the deep sea for exploration and to potentially discover new life forms. Meanwhile, Gourmand, using a submersible borrowed from Zach Varmitech, descends down into the deep sea to find new creatures to cook.


The episode begins with a live-action segment. The Kratt brothers are at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Massachusetts aboard the research vessel Atlantis. They tell the audience that most places on Earth are well explored; that is, except for the deep sea. They then introduce Alvin, a research submersible designed to operate in the deep sea. Afterward, they ask their "What if?" question, and the show transitions into the cartoon segment.

On the open ocean, Martin tries diving as deep as he can, but he runs out of breath after reaching 50 feet and has to resurface. He and Chris then hear Aviva calling for them to return to the Tortuga. Once they return, Aviva and Koki introduce to their teammates a submersible they built that is capable of diving down and exploring the deepest parts of the ocean with minimal difficulty. The Kratt brothers are elated, hoping to use it to discover new species. After convincing a reluctant Jimmy to act as the driver, the Wild Kratts get into the submersible and descend into the deep sea. Meanwhile, Gourmand is traveling across the ocean on his boat while towing a submersible he borrowed from Zach Varmitech. Hoping to find some creatures in the deep sea to cook, he jumps into the submersible, detaches it from his boat, and descends.

The first creature the Wild Kratts see is a barreleye. To get a closer look, the Kratt brothers get into the Amphi-Sub and miniaturize. They approach the barreleye and find out the green cylinders visible through its see-through head are eyes. Martin names the barreleye Crazy Eyes, and he and his brother watch as Crazy Eyes eats copepods from the tentacles of a jellyfish. Suddenly, a goblin shark stretches out its jaws and attempts to eat the Amphi-Sub. The goblin shark eventually spits it out, but the attack damaged the Amphi-Sub's tracking system. To guide the Kratt brothers back, the rest of the team shine a beacon light and tell the Kratt brothers via intercom that they should look for a light and follow it. However, there are many lights in the Kratt brothers' view, so they randomly pick one to follow. While she and her teammates wait, Aviva is inspired to learn how photophores, organs that produce bioluminescent light, work and to design a new Creature Power Suit that utilizes bioluminescence.

The Kratts brothers follow the randomly-selected light and end up in front of a dragonfish.

The Kratts brothers follow the randomly-selected light and end up in front of a dragonfish. They note the many ways it utilizes bioluminescence, including blue photophores on its body for communication, a blue photophore on its barbell for hunting, and a red photophore in front of each eye to illuminate its prey without its prey seeing them, which Martin refers to as "invisibility power". They then call Aviva and ask for Dragonfish Creature Power Suits. Suddenly, they notice that the Amphi-Sub is losing power. Chris finds out that the engine plug was dislodged from its socket during the goblin shark attack and just needs to be plugged in, but it is too late and the Amphi-Sub sinks. Fortunately, Koki was able to lock onto their coordinates right before the Amphi-Sub lost all power. However, just when Jimmy tries to maneuver the submersible to those coordinates, a colossal squid attacks the submersible.

Just before the Amphi-Sub gets crushed due to the water pressure, the dragonfish the Kratts met hooks onto it with its jaws. While in its jaws Martin names the dragonfish Dragon Glow. Dragonfish Power Discs and a mayday message from the rest of the team are teleported to them, and the Kratt brothers activate their Creature Power Suits. They find the submersible and turn on their suits' invisibility. They use their jaws to bite the colossal squid's tentacles, and after a while, the squid lets go of the submersible. Afterward, the Kratt brothers, still with Dragonfish Powers, return to exploring the deep sea, hoping to discover new species. All of a sudden, they notice Gourmand in his submersible with several sea creatures he caught. They watch in alarm as he nets Dragon Glow before moving out of sight.

The Kratt brothers return to their submersible in urgency. After deactivating Dragonfish Powers and returning the totaled Amphi-Sub to Koki, the Kratt brothers tell their teammates that they saw Gourmand harvesting deep-sea creatures. The Wild Kratts then spring into action to search for Gourmand.

The Wild Kratts reach the bottom of the sea. The first creatures they see are giant isopods, which they witness eating whale remains. They also find a dumbo octopus. Noticing that the octopus reminds her of her submersible, Aviva names the submersible the Pulponaut, after the Spanish word for octopus, pulpo. This inspires Martin to name the dumbo octopus Pulpo. They then follow Pulpo, hoping that he will lead them to where Gourmand is. Pulpo leads them to the foot of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, up the summit, and down towards the rift, where they find hydrothermal vents. The Kratt brothers decide to take a closer look at the hydrothermal vents and to learn about the processes they undergo and the creatures around them. Martin activates Yeti Crab Power using a piece of yeti crab carapace from Chris's collection of animal specimens. He and Chris, who rides in the repaired Amphi-Sub, miniaturize and head out into the water, while the rest of the team go deeper down the rift.

The Kratt brothers observe vent shrimp grazing on chemobacteria on the surface of a hydrothermal vent. Martin names one of the shrimps Heat Seeker. Suddenly, they notice the silhouette of a mysterious creature. Thinking it is new species, the Kratt brothers pursue it, but from out of nowhere Gourmand nets Martin and other creatures, including Heat Seeker. Chris ceases the pursuit and instead follows Gourmand. He calls the rest of the team and says that he found Gourmand, who is attempting to cook a cage of creatures by holding the cage above hydrothermal vents. Gourmand then takes out Martin and places him in the cage, but pulls it away from the hydrothermal vents when he hears Martin shouting "Stop!" Martin tells Gourmand to release the caged creatures. When that did not convince him, Martin tells him all about the creatures he is about to cook, hoping to persuade him from doing so. In the process, he names the goblin shark Snapjaw. Gourmand sarcastically thanks him and returns to cooking him and the rest of the caged creatures, but is stopped by the presence of the Pulponaut. Gourmand attacks the Pulponaut by slapping it with his submersible's spatula attachment. He then sticks it to the seafloor with dough before returning to cook the caged creatures. To raise the temperature of the surroundings, Gourmand slams the seafloor using a pair of giant meat mallets. However, he inadvertently triggers an underwater volcanic eruption.

Chris finds a giant squid and activates Giant Squid Power. He latches onto Gourmand's submersible and releases the captured creatures. Martin activates Sperm Whale Power by touching Bumper's mom as she swims by. His expansion releases all the creatures in the cage. He swims towards the Pulponaut and headbutts it, freeing it from the sticky dough. The Wild Kratts then return to the surface to escape the volcanic eruption. Gourmand panics and tries to escape, but multiple volcanic rocks damage his submersible, causing it to fall down the rift. He ejects from the submersible moments before it sinks into the magma.

At the ocean surface, the Kratt brothers lay sullen outside the Tortuga from the fact that they did not get to discover any new species. Aviva comes out and comforts them by saying they did more than they realize, including saving deep-sea creatures from Gourmand. The Kratt brothers, feeling better, respond by noting the progressive nature of science, saying that there is always the next time, and exclaiming "Creature mission accomplished!" along with their fellow teammates.

The episode transitions into the concluding live action segment. The Kratt brothers check out the features of Alvin, including the propulsion systems, hull, video cameras, robotic arms, and interior. Than The Kratt brothers meet Dr. Tim Shank, a scientist at WHOI. Dr. Shank shows them specimens of various species, including giant tube worms and vent shrimp. He also tells them about the discoveries he and fellow scientists made in the deep sea. Afterward, they conclude the episode by saying "Keep on creature adventuring; we'll see you on the creature trail!"


The Kratt brothers after seeing the submersible.



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Live Action

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  • This is the first time the Pulponaut is used.

Key Fact and Creature Moments

  • Dragonfish can use different kinds of bioluminesis.
  • Sea creatures can survive in the abyssal zone like vent shrimp, dumbo octopuses and more.
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