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Chris and Martin's Creature Power Suits

The Creature Power Suit is a special system created by Aviva that gives the user the certain abilities of various animals. (hence the name; Creature Power) When the suits are activated, it generates a form that gives the powers of the animal the disc is based on to the user. In order to be activated, the user must have the disc on them and come in contact somehow with the creature. The suits can be deactivated if they come in contact with something that could short out an electrical system, unless they're protected against it.

Aviva designed the suits specifically for the Kratt brothers. However, just rarely the other crew members wear them as well. They're seen wearing them a few times throughout the series. Aviva and Koki are later shown to have their own Creature Power Suits.



Aviva spent nearly a year - eleven months, two weeks, and three hours to be exact - on the construction of two Creature Power Suits. In an inert mode, the suit consists of a vest equipped with slots for the discs, and gloves with DNA scanners. The exact material of which the suits are made of has not been revealed; it is most likely some form of composite plastics (judging by the absence of ever breaks or cracks).

When activated, the suit "forms" from an unknown source of additional structural elements. (wings, ears, fangs, etc) Once activated, the suits connect to the user's nervous system. Since the mass of these elements are clearly superior to the mass of the suit, they could have been delivered from the outside. In the episode "Polar Bears Don't Dance", some elements of the walrus suit were mounted on it after activation, by teleportation from the Tortuga HQ. It seems logical to assume that items such as wings and fangs appear on a suit by teleporting them from the Tortuga.

The exact energy source of the suits is unknown. Based on the fact that they can obviously run for a very long time and do not need to be recharged, it is (most likely) some form of ultra-compact nuclear power element (hard to imagine something more compact and durable, able to operate even in the cold sea water).

Each power suit has been designed to share its user’s theme/favorite color:

The suit also have a automatic tail match modulator to match the tails of the creatures they activated.


Despite how much power the suits are shown to possess, they have some very strong weaknesses as well. Such as being pretty sensitive to damage from sharp objects.

Basic elements can somewhat tamper with them as well as food, unless the suits have been protected against them.

The suits require a Creature Power Disc in order to function, acting as normal vests otherwise.

Mental Impact

Another weakness shown in the suits is that the instinctive animal behavior also sometimes affect the user, causing them to even behave like the animal they transformed into. Examples are in "The Blue and the Gray", in which Chris, in a Squirrel Power Suit, buries acorns out of the squirrel instincts.


There have been showed to be many malfunctions with the CPS, usually dealing with the sensitivity of it. Usually these range from being stuck in the suit, or the suit itself being damaged. On occasion, it's the result of the programming.

List of Malfunctions

"Tazzy Chris" – Tasmanian Devil – A Tasmanian devil bit Chris' suit, causing it to activate and turn him into a half T-Devil half-human hybrid that kept switching between it and deactivation at random. This was fixed when Aviva shut down the suit.

"The Blue and the Gray" – Acorn/Oak Tree – While Martin was holding an acorn a blue jay pecked his suit, causing him to turn into an acorn, then into an oak tree. When Aviva relined the disc, it was fixed.

"Aqua Frog" -Tadpole/Adult Frog - Chris's vest turned him into a tadpole and he had to touch multiple frogs and keep reactivating until he got adult frog power

"The Last Largest Lobster" - Baby/Adult Lobster - Martin's vest turned him into a baby lobster and he had to wait until there was activity in the suit that turned him into an adult lobster.

"Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man" - Golden Snub-nosed Monkey - Martin's vest is damaged in a runaway snowball, causing the size modulator to glitch and make him look like the mythical yeti when he activated Creature Powers.

"This Orca Likes Sharks" - Great White Shark - The button on Martin's suit was rammed by a shark, causing it to short circuit and switch into a torn version of the Great Shark Suit. This was fixed after Martin reactivated Orca Powers.

"The Erminator" - Ermine - Martin tried to make an Ermine powersuit to rescue his friends but in the process of making the disc he forgot to cross-expunge-delete any remaining residual activation codes he used to make it. Which led Martin's power suit to break down and cycle through all of his past activations.

"The Vanishing Stingray" - Chris scratched Martin's Creature power paw icon and touched a flounder to activate Stingray Power. The suit instead activated Flounder Power and gave him a pair of legs instead of a tail.

"The Great Creature Tail Fail" - The Tail Modulator inside the suit was jammed with spruce cones, cached by Tailer the red squirrel, causing the suits to get the wrong tails. For example, the Cheetah Power Suit got a pig's tail, and the Zebra Power Suit got a spider monkey's tail.


"Polar Bears Don't Dance" - Walrus - Chris was stuck in his Walrus Suit until Martin put snow down his back, causing him to jump out of the suit.

"Kerhonk" - Proboscis Monkey - When a proboscis monkey walked across the Kratt brothers' CPS, it accidentally activated them into Proboscis Monkey Power. Soon after, they are knocked into a mud pit, which jams the deactivation. Whilst Aviva manages to chip the mud away, deactivating Chris, Martin remains in the suit for the remainder of the episode.

"Happy Turkey Day" - Wild Turkey - Martin got stuck in his Wild Turkey Suit when he slammed into the tree. He was still in it when the episode ended.

"Neck and Neck" - Giraffe - Martin got stuck in the suit because Necklace took Martin's Deactivation Module. When Aviva put Martin's module back in, instead of deactivating, Chris activated Giraffe Power too and made up a new game called "Giraffe Soccer".

"Wild Kratts Alaska: Hero's Journey" - Sockeye Salmon - Martin got stuck in Sockeye Salmon Power after he got snatched by a bald eagle. The eagle's talons had sliced into the suit, making it unable to deactivate; this was fixed with Aviva Corcovado finding Martin and repairing his suit, allowing him to deactivate.


There was a time that the Creature Power Suits were manipulated. This was only in "Creature Power Challenge", when Zach used his Disrupt-o-Bots to glitch the suits into past activations. He was even able to prevent the suits from deactivating.

Creature Powers

See List Of Creature Power Suits


  • Because plants are living, the Kratts can also use them for the suits.
  • It was revealed in "Octopus Wildkratticus" that the Creature Power Suits also work on animals.
  • The CPS needs a Deactivation Module so it can deactivate (as seen in "Neck and Neck").
  • The Kratts can activate another CPS if they're already in one.
  • If there's another color to a creature, then the Kratts will have to reactivate until they find the color they want.
  • Sometimes the CPS will be the color of the animal instead of the normal colors, green or blue, or it will be a mix of that color.
  • If the CPS is worn by someone else other than the Kratt bros, then they would have their favorite color, instead of Martin or Chris'.
  • In "Cheetah Adopted", it was revealed that polycarbonate is used in the programming for the Creature Power Suits.
  • In "Cheeks the Hamster", the power suits transformations won't work if the Micro XT Power Processing Chips are damaged or missing.
  • Out of all the five Wild Kratts crew members, Jimmy is the only one who has not used a Creature Power Suit. However, in "Sea Otter Swim", Jimmy said that he always wanted to try a Creature Power, which he almost did.
    • In "The Great Creature Tail Fail", the suit is revealed to have a tail modulator to match the tails to the right creature power suit.
      • Additionally, Jimmy had a red tail attachment. This indicates that it's likely that if Jimmy ever uses a Creature Power Suit, the color will be red.
  • The Creature Power Suits have displayed the ability to match an animal's creature power with its gender on a few occasions:
    • In "Birds of a Feather", instead of gender-matching the user, the suits matched the gender of the animals used to activate the selected creature power. This was shown when Martin activated with and gained the creature powers of a female Lawes's parotia, while Aviva activated with and gained those of a male of the same species.
    • In "Praying Mantis", Martin activated Praying Mantis Power and gained wings, while Aviva did so and became supersized.
  • In numerous episodes of the earlier seasons, Chris and Martin have activated the Creature Power Suits without creature power discs, simply by touching the animal and pressing the button on the suits to activate. This could be because the discs were simply already in the suit.
  • Creature Power Discs are capable of being erased. If done so, then anyone will lose the ability of doing of what the creature does.


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