Aviva's Creature Pod
full body of the Creature Pod

The Creature Pods are a mobile invention of Aviva's. They have a number of functions, though they mainly serve as a means of communication between the team.




The Creature Pod is a small, hand held device similar in appearance to an iPhone. It has four buttons shaped into a paw print.

Koki's Creature Pod


The Creature Pod's design allows for multiple functions and practical uses, but they are mostly used for communication. Aside from being handheld and displaying images on the screen, Chris and Martin sometimes have theirs integrated into their Creature Power Suits, with some being mounted on the suit's forearm. For suits with no humanoid forms, they can project holographic displays for crowd viewing. They can also project holograms as a form of trickery. In addition to the Wild Kratts themselves, the Wild Kratts Kids are also the main users of the Creature Pods, who use them to communicate with the Wild Kratts and alert them of villains and discoveries.



  • In the original pilot episode, Polar Bears Don't Dance, the holograms appear with a purplish hue.
  • The Wild Kratts Kids also use Creature Pods, as shown in some episodes.


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