The Createrra VX is a prominent source of transportation for the Kratt brothers, and to an extent, the Wild Kratts crew as a whole. It closely resembles the vehicle that the brothers use in real life, which they also refer to as the Createrra. Both Kratt brothers drive it, though Martin is the most careless with it. It made its first appearance in the episode Aardvark Town.


The Createrra possesses various cababilities many of which one would not find in a normal vehicle due to various upgrades and other modifications Aviva has - supposedly - made to it over the course of the series. These include:

  • Ground Ride
  • Flight
  • Water Wheels
  • Turbo Boosters
  • Hook Line
  • Kookaburra Horn


  • Its name appears to be a mix of the the words creature and terra, which translate to "land" and "earth" in Latin, respectively.
  • The term VX at the end of the Createrra's name could be in referrence to how many times Aviva has had to upgrade and/or modify it.