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"Caracal-Minton" is the 26th episode of Season One of PBS Kids show, Wild Kratts. It was written and directed by Martin Kratt. It is the twenty-sixth episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 2, 2012.


The episode begins with a live action segment, which shows the Kratt brothers showing off the high jump-heights of two African wild-cats: the caracal and the serval. Afterwards, they ask their "What if?" question and "transform into their animated selves".

The Wild Kratts are playing badminton in the African savanna. Aviva is playing against Jimmy. Jimmy is unable to return any of Aviva's serves, and therefore loses the round. It is Chris and Martin's turn and they're about to play but not before Chris finds out that, due to her rough serving, Aviva destroyed another birdie. Koki tries to get another one, but she finds out that they're out of birdies. At first, everyone is disappointed because now the badminton tournament is over and Martin and Chris lost their chance to play badminton, especially Martin, who calls Aviva a "Bad Birdie Basher". Aviva sheepishly laughs and then apologizes for what she has done but she then remembers that there is one more birdie, and after digging through the Tortuga, she shows off a family heirloom: the Corcovado Birdie, which started off from her great-great-grandmother Evita Corcovado, who was world badminton champion in 1882. It has been handed down for several generations before she finally got it. Everybody is amazed. And she also tells them that it is over 100 years old. Chris tells her that it should be in a museum and thinks that they can't play with that. Aviva tells them that it's indestructible, so they can play with it. The tournament continues when Aviva hits the birdie onto the court to see who serves first. It lands and points on Chris's side, meaning that Chris serves first. The Kratt brothers tie after two rallies, but on the third, a caracal leaps into the air and snatches the birdie (thinking it is a guineafowl). After seeing that, Aviva then breaks down into tears because she lost her heirloom which her family had for over 100 years, since 1882, but the Kratt brothers tell her not to worry and assure her that they will retrieve it.

The Kratt brothers head off to find it, but they end up near a gaggle of guinea fowl. Eventually, the guinea fowls screech, and the caracal leaps up into the air and catches one. Chris spots a caracal who caught a guineafowl but he loses it in no time, but he realizes that the caracal probably has kittens, so she may have brought it back to the den to feed her kittens. Meanwhile, back at the Tortuga, Jimmy tries to cheer Aviva up, but it doesn't entertain her. Koki calls the Kratt brothers and tells them that she and Jimmy are unable to cheer her up and she asks the brothers if they have any luck. Chris tells Koki that they spotted the caracal once and then it disappeared again. Martin then tells Koki that they need Caracal Powers. Koki tells the brothers that that may help cheer Aviva up. Chris then spots a caracal, which drinks from the river, and afterwards leap away from the jaws of a crocodile. After analyzing the moves, the caracal disappears yet again. Chris then gets the idea to let the caracal catch them. Martin thinks of a bird-mobile. They then call Aviva and tell her to make a "Guineafowl Flapper". She agrees to do it and tells them to come back quickly. Soon after, the Kratt brothers find the caracal and watch it catch two guinea fowls. However, the caracal had to leave its prey behind after a cheetah arrived to snack on the prey. They lose the caracal once again, but thankfully they have cheetah powers to use to get back to the Tortuga. The Kratt brothers head back to the Tortuga after activating their Cheetah Creature Power Suits. While running, they crash into Koki, who is trying to fix the broken birdies caused by Aviva. They deactivate after crashing into the Tortuga. Aviva comes in and asks if they've had any luck finding her birdie. The brothers tell her that they haven't had any luck and tells her that they need a bird-mobile for that. Aviva has it ready for them just in time.

The Kratt brothers miniaturize and hop into the recently completed Guineafowl Flapper and fly off. Not long after, the caracal jumps and catches their transport. Martin names the caracal Hang Time. Hang Time takes them to her den. Just when they see the birdie, Hang Time's two kittens wreck the Guineafowl Flapper. To save themselves, the Kratt brothers call and tell Aviva that her Guineafowl Flapper worked too well. Aviva asks them if they saw her birdie. They ask her to make Caracal Discs. Aviva says that she is unable to make the discs in time because she is worried about her birdie. Martin and Chris tell Aviva that they found her birdie, but they will have a really hard time giving it back to her if they're cat food. Later, Aviva says that she can do it and needs to focus on the caracal's amazing power and decides to do it. Meanwhile, Hang Time's kittens open up the Guineafowl Flapper and start playing with the "mouse brothers" (the miniaturized Kratt brothers). Martin calls Aviva and tells her that if the caracal discs are ready, now they would need them. Aviva quickly finishes the discs, and throws them to Jimmy, who teleports them. The Kratt brothers then activate Caracal Power and escape the Guineafowl Flapper. Martin grabs the birdie and the Kratt brothers exit the den with the caracal kittens chasing them. Then a spotted eagle owl snatches one of the caracal kittens, which Martin names Pounce More, and the Kratt brothers, but due their combined weight, the eagle drops all three into the savanna grass. Even though the grass is tall, Martin spots the den, and they head back. Meanwhile, Aviva is trying to call the Kratt brothers to find them, but she is unable to because their coms are down. She is upset once again, because first she lost her birdie and now she lost the Kratt brothers. Koki then asks her whether she installed GPS trackers in the caracal creature power suits. Aviva says that she did but they're not working. Koki says it's okay, maybe they can't find out where they are now, but Koki says that if they use the data from when they called them earlier and combine it with Jimmy's last teleporter coordinates, Aviva then points out that they can triangulate their last known position. They start working on it and it is successful and Aviva hugs Koki by saying she's a genius. Afterwards, the Kratt brothers reunite Pounce More with Hang Time, grab the birdie, head back to the Tortuga, and hand Aviva her birdie. Aviva thanks them for bringing it back and hugs them so hard. At the end, they are brought back to real size and continue their badminton tournament, but this time, they're still in their Caracal Creature Power Suits, thereby playing caracal-minton. While they play, Aviva says "Even caracal powers aren't going to save you when I get winner." implying that she will always be a winner.

The show transitions into the ending live action segment, which shows the Kratt brothers playing badminton with the serval. After the serval snatches three birdies, the Kratt brothers call it the champion of "caracal-minton" despite the fact that the caracal did not participate. Afterwards, the Kratt brothers conclude the episode by saying "Keep on creature adventuring; we'll see you on the creature trail!"




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Live Action

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  • This is the first appearance of the Guineafowl Flapper.
  • "Caracal-Minton" is the second Wild Kratts episode featuring a wildcat.

Key Facts and Creature Moments

  • Caracals can vertical jump around eight feet in the air to catch fleeing birds.
  • Caracals aren't one of the purring cats.
  • A caracal defending itself against a crocodile.
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