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"Box Turtled In!" is the 17th episode of Season 4 of the PBS Kids show, Wild Kratts. It is the 109th episode of the series overall. It premiered on April 25, 2016.


When trying to find the miniaturizer that the bros left behind, the Tortuga, along with the crew, get miniaturized. So they go on a box turtle style mission to get it back from a hungry coyote than a hungry bald eagle who snatches the Tortuga.




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  • Jimmy is allergic to mushrooms.
  • The Tortuga got its name from the Spanish word for the turtle.
  • This is the first time the Tortuga's walking mode has ever been used, although it was briefly seen walking on its own in "Rattlesnake Crystal".

Key Facts and Creature Moments

  • Box turtles are omnivores.
  • Box turtles use their shells for protection against predators. Even though it's a great defense, there are still some animals that can kill or eat box turtles.
    • Coyotes and raccoons will often attempt to pry open box turtle shells when they're in hiding inside. They aren't successful most of the time.
    • The biggest threat to box turtles are cars. Their shells aren't strong enough to withstand such high amounts of pressure, and their slow maneuverability makes them even more vulnerable.
    • Golden eagles in some parts of the world are known to carry turtles into the air and drop them onto hard rocks to crack their shells open.
    • Fire ants can kill box turtles by going into small spaces to enter their shells.
  • Turtles have a hard time getting back up when they are flipped onto their backs. Those that aren't able to fixate themselves will often die.
  • A box turtle laying eggs in the ground.


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