Bottlenose Dolphin Power is a Creature Power that gives its users the abilities and characteristics of a common bottlenose dolphin. It was first used in the season 2 episode "Speaking Dolphinese."

DNA sources

Main powers

  • Swimming
  • Echolocation
  • Special defense

Physical appearance

The disc itself is a turqoise blue with a picture of a bottlenose dolphin on it. When activated, it puts the user in a dolphin suit that helps them simulate to their abilities. This suit gives the user the ability to echolocate and swim as good as a dolphin. Aviva makes the disc in Speaking Dolphinese, where she also reveals her Dolphin Decoder. Chris and Martin later use the dolphin echolocation power to save dolphin pup Whistle from a hungry Great White Shark. After that it is often seen among the other discs. It is used again in Capture the Fishmobile, where Chris and Martin use it to capture Koki and Jimmy with the dolphin hunting trick. However, this gets out of hand and the other dolphins come after Jimmy. Thankfully, Chris saves him with Pelican Power.




Like all Power discs, this one can easily malfunction. An example is when a Great White Shark grabs Martin’s suit, which launches the disc out and deactivates the suit. Luckily, Martin escapes into a shipwreck hole.


Season 2

Season 3



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