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"Birds of a Feather" is the 38th episode of Season 1 of Wild Kratts, originally airing on PBS Kids on September 7, 2012. The episode was written by Eva Almos and directed by Chris Kratt. On July 10, 2012, "Birds of a Feather" was first released on DVD as part of Wild Kratts: Jungle Animals.

In this episode, the Kratt brothers skydive down to New Guinea to witness the mating dances of the birds-of-paradise. The crew then shows off their dances, all except for Aviva, who says that dancing is not her thing. But the Kratt brothers are confident that she can, and they think that the birds of paradise are the best inspiration for her. When they come up to the Lawes's parotia, Aviva finally decides to give dancing a try, but she and a few parotias get captured by fashion designer Donita Donata's henchman, Dabio, for Donita so she can make a gown made of the feathers of the birds-of-paradise.


The opening live action segment of the episode begins in the salt pans of the Caribbean, where the Kratt brothers are looking to get a close look at flamingos, whose pink feathers play a role in attracting females and courtship displays. Afterwards, they ask their "What if?" question and the show transitions into the animated segment.

The Kratt brothers descend from the Tortuga into the rainforests of New Guinea and get tangled in the canopy, where Martin finds a Count Raggi, one of several species of birds of paradise. The Kratt brothers explain to the rest of the crew that birds of paradise perform courtship dances. Afterwards, the Wild Kratts perform their own dance moves, all except for Aviva, who thinks she does not know how to dance. The Kratt brothers try to convince her to at least try, but Aviva refuses. Thinking that birds of paradise might be the key to get Aviva to start dancing, the Kratt brothers head off to find some inspiration. Meanwhile, Donita Donata orders her henchman, Dabio, to find some birds of paradise so she can use their feathers to make a gown.

The Kratt brothers are encountering a superb bird of paradise singing.

The Kratt brothers encounter a superb bird of paradise singing. A female arrives, and the superb bird of paradise puffs its feathers and hops around the female. Martin names it Smiley because of what appears to be a smile on his feathers. However, Smiley's dance moves neither impress the female nor inspire Aviva to try dancing. The Kratt brothers move on and find a Lawes's parotia preparing a lek, which Martin names Hip-Hop. Then female parotias arrive. Aviva, who finished two Birds of Paradise Discs, arrives and tosses the Kratt brothers their Creature Power Suits with the discs already inserted into them. Then, all the parotias tuft out their feathers, squawking, and dancing. Chris hands Aviva his suit so she can dance like the parotias. At first, she refuses to dance, but Aviva decides to try while the Kratt brothers are not looking. She activates Chris's Suit and tries dancing, but she and five other male parotias are bagged by Dabio, who thinks that she is a male parotia. The Kratt brothers, realizing that Aviva and the parotias are missing, call Koki, who finds out that she is in Donita's jet. Dabio informs Donita that he got a pretty dancing bird, which was enough for her gown. When Donita opens the bag, she is initially frustrated that he brought the boring, black birds, instead of the pretty, plumed ones that she asked for. However, she also finds a gorgeous bird, but not before finding out it's actually Aviva in a bird suit. Aviva gets locked up in a cage and Donita talks to her and thinks that Aviva's suit design is interesting, but the former recommends her to use them for fashion and give one to her. Aviva says that's the last thing she'll do because they're for science. Going back to Dabio, Donita asks Dabio if the cage is locked. Dabio decides to try to lock it again. Donita tells Dabio to go back outside and get the pretty, plumed birds and stop getting the boring, black ones. Dabio decides to pack some things for his trip and runs to do that. To distract Donita and Dabio, Aviva opens the cage, releasing the birds, and they make a mess of Donita's plane. Martin then arrives in his female Lawes's Parotia Creature Power Suit to distract Donita and Dabio. Chris tries to free Aviva and the parotias, but Donita notices and places both Kratt brothers in suspended animation. To save everyone, Aviva tufts her feathers and starts dancing. As she comfortably gets the hang of moving back and forth, the parotias dance along with her to impress Martin. Dabio dances as well, but due to his massive strength and weight, the jet shakes. Stuff gets further tossed around, causing the suspended animation beams to end up destroyed, releasing both the brothers, who release the parotias after Donita admitted defeat and warns everyone that if she sees any one of them or another boring black bird, it will be too soon. At the Tortuga, Aviva admits that no one is perfect in anything, including dancing, but trying is what matters. Aviva comfortably dances along with the Kratt brothers, this time without a Suit.

As the Kratt brothers continue walking in the salt pans, Chris states that courtship displays and dances are important to birds-of-paradise, flamingos, and lots of creatures; while Martin adds that many creatures have dances and other ways to show off how healthy they are. A male peacock is shown and Martin describes that the peacock is definitely eye-catching with the long colorful feathers that are held up in a massive fan, and the male shakes his feathers in front of the female to get her attention. They trying to dance like male flamingos. Afterwards, they explain how flamingos eat tiny animals in the water, some of which play a role in the flamingos' pink color. The Kratt brothers then state that the flamingos will perform their courtship dance throughout the winter until they break off into mated pairs, lay their eggs in mud nests, and have chicks. They finally conclude the episode by saying "Keep on creature adventuring; we'll see you on the creature trail!"


Dabio, Donita Donata, and Martin in his Creature Power Suit



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Live Action

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  • "Birds of a Feather" marks the first time Aviva uses a Creature Power Suit. However, Aviva borrows Chris's Power Suit and it is revealed that the color of the Creature Power Suit when she wears it is purple.
  • This is the first time a villain kidnaps a Wild Kratts member other than Chris or Martin. In this case, Aviva is kidnapped by Dabio. However, Dabio unknowingly took Aviva because he thought she was a bird-of-paradise, but it was actually Aviva in a Bird of Paradise Power Suit.
  • It is stated that Koki played as a tree in the play Hamlet .
  • This is the only time Donita refers to Chris as "Chrisangelo".

Key Facts and Creature Moments

  • New Guinea is the world's biggest tropical island and the home of the beautiful birds-of paradise.
  • Birds like the birds-of-paradise dance and show off their feathers to show females that they are healthy and strong.
  • Male Lawes's parotias create a dance floor called a lek to prepare for their courting dances.


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