Basilisk Power is a Creature Power that gives its users the abilities and characteristics of a plumed basilisk. It was first used in the season 1 episode "Walk on the Wetside."

DNA sources

Main powers

  • Water-walking fringed feet
  • Tree climbing
  • Swimming


Basilisk Lizard Creature Power is only for sprints. If they run much longer, they will sink.


Season 1

In the episode "Walk on the Wetside," Chris and Martin used this suit to save Splash Claw from Donita and Dabio.

Season 2

In the episode "Snow Runners," Chris used this suit to try to mimic the snow-running powers of the snowshoe hare with the suits' large feet.He also Used it in the episodes Bugs or Monkeys? & Creature Power Challenge.

Season 4

In the episode This Orca Likes Sharks,Chris Used the suit to escape the jaws of a Bull Shark chasing after him.


  • The original color of the disc is orange, but in some episodes, it is green.


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