Aviva Corcovado is a member and the third-in-command of the Wild Kratts crew. She is a biomechanical engineer and the creator of all the Wild Kratts's inventions, most notably the Tortuga, Creature Power Suits, and the Creature Pods.

Physical Appearance

Aviva is a young woman of above average height; she has bushy dark brown hair that she always ties back in a ponytail, green eyes (with a slight grayish tinge), and olive skin. She usually wears a purple shirt and a yellow jacket with a blue stripe running down both of the sleeves, blue jeans held by a black belt with a bolt on it, worn crookedly around her waist, and purple and white converse sneakers. In "Octopus Wildkratticus," while searching for the Creature Power Suits, she wore a violet wetsuit. Her beach outfit consists of a yellow tank shirt, blue jean shorts, bracelet, necklace, and yellow sandals with blue straps. Her signature color is purple.


Aviva is a strong leader and an active member of the crew. However, she can take competitions a little too seriously, and can oftentimes be quite stubborn. While she has been shown to be somewhat arrogant in her abilities (no doubt due to her intelligence), she does care about the well being of her crew and the animals they encounter, and she does not value her inventions over her crewmates. Although often hard at work, she can sometimes be lazy and feel unmotivated.


Aviva possesses professional engineering skills, seeing as she was the original creator of the Creature Power Suits, and builds all of the team's nature-inspired inventions. She is also very good with computers (being able to rather easily hack into Zach's computer system), and can pilot the Tortuga when necessary. In addition to English, she can also speak Spanish, which is actually her mother language. She is extremely skilled at badminton, though she usually destroys the plastic birdies. She is also extremely agile, stronger than she looks, and an exceptional fencer.


Almost all of the Wild Kratts' machinery and gadgets were invented by Aviva. Although the Tortuga and the Creature Power Suits are the most notable of her works, there are a number of others featured in use among the crew. These include:

Used Suits


"Ooh, I want a string of mummified parasites!"
~Aviva joking around with Jimmy and Koki about pearls (source)
"I'll never doubt a platypus again!"
~Aviva to Plato (source)
"The only place I'm running to... is the finish line."
~Aviva to Zach (source)
"Keep fightin' the good fight, Jimmy!"
~Aviva to Jimmy (source)
"Famous last words!"
~Aviva to the Kratt Bros (source)
"Ay, que lindo!"
~Aviva when she sees a small or baby animal [citation needed]
"It's 'Aviva,' Not 'Avacado' and I'm not gonna stop you, my Creature Power Suits will."
~Aviva repling back to Gourmand (source)


  • Aviva cannot dance very well, however her stage fright is diminished after the "Birds of a Feather" adventure.
  • Aviva went to science camp with Zach and has been rivals with him ever since.
  • Her favorite thing in nature is male bird courtship-displays.
  • Her last name Corcovado was initially hinted from her great-great grandmother Elvira Corcovado in "Caracal-Minton," though it was unknown if Elvira was her maternal or paternal great-great grandmother. In "Choose Your Swordfish," Aviva refers to herself by her full name Aviva Corcovado, confirming that Elvira is her paternal great-great grandmother.
  • Later in Season 2 and 3 onward, Aviva uses a Creature Power Suit of her own in some cases. Her Creature Power Suit is rarely used however. It's likely that in Season 2 she invented a spare power suit, which eventually, either in Seasons 3 or 4, became her personal powersuit.
  • Some of Aviva's inventions, such as the Tortuga computer or the passcode system in the Creature Power Suits use her voice.
  • Her favorite lemurs are mouse lemurs and ringtails.
  • Aviva will, on some occasions, hug either Chris, Martin, Koki, or Jimmy when she's happy.
  • In "Panda Power Up!", she is revealed to have a stuffed panda named Stuffo, which later becomes the source of Stuffo's name.
  • Aviva owns a shuttlecock made of feathers from the resplendent quetzel, a family heirloom passed down to her from her great-great grandmother, Elvira Corcovado.
  • Aviva adores small or baby animals.
  • Her favorite continent is South America.
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